The 5-Step Guide to Shipping Oil Paintings to Another City

The 5-Step Guide to Shipping Oil Paintings to Another City

What is similar between New York City and Chicago, Miami and Dallas, and Los Angeles and Portland? You are absolutely right: these are the distances that freight should cover to get from one city to another. In practice, the length of the trip is half the problem; issues start arising when you begin to consider the safety of the shipment. In this sense, shipping oil paintings comes across as a heck of a journey that every person should be prepared for. Below, we are presenting a guide on how to get your artworks prepared for intercity travel.

The 5-Step Guide to Shipping Oil Paintings to Another City

Step 1: Know your enemies

There are many perils associated with the storage and transportation of oil paintings. Some of them are connected with the characteristics of a medium, while others refer to the entire class of fragile goods. Before you even start planning a trip, make sure to learn more about the risk factors of art delivery.

Step 2: Do your best with management

Every multistep process starts with management, and shipping oil paintings to another city is no exception to the rule. If you plan it right, you won’t have any problems on your way, which will allow you to save some nerves, time, and money.

Step 3: Save your money by investing in the right things

Setting up a budget is one of the crucial milestones of the whole arrangement. In short, you should be wise about your resources. It’s better to buy only the most necessary packing supplies of high quality instead of getting tons of low-quality materials that you can hardly effectively use. The same goes for a shipping company that you will need to hire. Take your time to research the market and request quotes from different companies to choose the best out of the best.

Step 4: Make packaging your focal point

The success of shipping oil paintings almost entirely depends on how you pack your artworks. That’s where you want to give 100% effort and attention. If you are not an expert, some things may be difficult to do, but never give up and do everything possible and impossible to ensure the quality safety of your valuables.

Step 5: Don’t underestimate the distance

Once your canvas is packed, you may think that this is over – everything else is shippers’ business. While responsibility for handling indeed lies on handlers’ shoulders, it is you who hire the company. At Fine Art Shippers, we do intercity deliveries all the time, and our services are available almost in every part of the country. If you want to try shipping oil paintings with dedicated experts, then what are you waiting for? Request a free shipping quote right now or call us at + 1 917 658 50 75.