5 Ideas for Oil Paintings Every Emerging Artist Should Try

Oil paint is arguably the most well-known and used painting medium nowadays. Acrylic paint, tempera, and watercolor are also valuable, but they cannot compete with oils. Oil paintings have considerable potential, as they allow a painter to make changes and fix mistakes in the process. Despite the versatility of the technique, many emerging artists struggle to choose what they want to paint to hone their skills or create a masterpiece for the portfolio. If that is the case, below you will find five ideas for oil paintings every beginner should try.

5 Ideas for Oil Paintings Every Emerging Artist Should Try

1. Seascape

Painting realistic waves with oils is an unalloyed pleasure. That is why seashores and riverbanks are so popular among painters. It takes time, though, to become a full-fledged marine artist.

2. Still life

Classical yet monumental, still-life painting will never go out of fashion. It is one of the relatively easiest ideas for oil paintings, so you should not fear the difficulties.

3. Animals

Even though animals are sometimes hard to draw, as they are constantly darting around, they are perfect subjects for painting. Drawing fur will bring you lots of pleasure in particular.

4. Abstractions

Abstract art is not limited by the mediums used. Painting dreams, emotions, or some allegorical images might help you reveal your inner worries and let them go by giving them space on a canvas.

5. Self-portrait

Self-portraits are always an intimate type of painting because you try to create a reflection of your own self. Your attitude toward self plays a major role in the process. By the way, keeping a head straight for a long time is also a challenge.

With these ideas for oil paintings, you can turn your most creative thoughts into reality. Be it a self-portrait or a still-life painting, you have a decent chance to explore the nature of oils and decide whether it is yours.