Shipping Fine Art: How to Estimate the Shipping Cost

Estimate the Shipping Cost

Before moving art objects, all seasoned shippers estimate the shipping cost to know what they will need to pay for the service. Doing so is one of the most critical steps in devising a shipping scenario. However, if you are just about to start immersing in the fine art business, you should know what exactly affects the cost of artwork transportation. Down below, we have brought up a few major factors. 

How to Estimate the Shipping Cost?

There is no use in giving accurate figures for the delivery of art objects, as prices are exposed to the influence of many factors. However, it is important to emphasize that the transportation of valuable objects should only be accomplished by an experienced art shipping company that provides expertise in both shipment itself and accurate estimation of the delivery cost.

So, here are several critical factors that determine the cost of art transportation.


To estimate the shipping cost, it is vital to keep in mind the value of the item you are going to ship. Obviously, shipping valuable paintings with a good provenance is more expensive than shipping lower-quality items.

Weight & dimensions

If your fine art pieces are bulky, heavy, and oddly shaped, the art delivery can turn out to be less cost-effective for you. Moreover, if your painting, sculpture, antique mirror, or another delicate item should be packaged in an art shipping crate, it can add an extra fee.


One more factor affecting the shipping cost is the distance and location to where you are delivering an art parcel. In the case of a rural area or place far from the airport/seaport zone, you will likely pay more.

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