Why Use an Art Shipping Crate Instead of a Cardboard Box?

Shipping Crate

The right selection of materials and supplies for shipping fine art is crucial. Here, at Fine Art Shippers, we have loads of experience in packing and moving fine art, so we can offer you the best options for the effective transportation of even the most fragile pieces. Today, we are going to discuss an important topic related to the choice between a shipping crate and a cardboard box. Below you will find some reasons why we always recommend that our clients opt for wooden art crates.

Shipping Crate vs. Cardboard Box

1. Cardboard box

First, let’s find out why cardboard boxes are at the top of the list for most people transporting art so far. Shipping boxes are super light and effortless to pack and unpack. People are not willing to have a headache and waste their time, so they use these criteria when choosing packing supplies for their items. On the one hand, it is truly convenient, cost-effective, and can be applied in many cases. However, if you are going to transport highly fragile and valuable objects of art, cardboard boxes are not a viable solution.

The key reason why it is so is that cardboard boxes provide the minimum protection to fine art pieces. Extremely delicate and heavy art objects can be easily damaged in transit because of thin and unstable cardboard box walls. A quite another matter is a shipping crate.

2. Shipping crate

Wooden shipping crates are built to fit your art pieces and provide them with significantly greater protection as compared to cardboard boxes. Crates are customized to accommodate items of any size and weight. With their help, you can safely transport everything from heavy and bulky antiques to a valuable collection of fine art paintings. Moreover, a shipping crate is eco-friendly and often can be reused.

At Fine Art Shippers, you can get high-quality wooden crates produced by our expert carpenters. Feel free to contact us today for details!