Shipping by Freight: Air Freight vs. Sea Freight

shipping by freight

Whether you are an individual moving precious cargo to another country or a business looking for the best way to transport goods overseas, sometimes a freight service is the only right solution. However, the problem is that shipping by freight is often a very stressful experience. Thereby, it is so important to work with a professional shipping company or, at least, choose an experienced freight-forwarder. Besides, if your cargo is related to art or antiques, you need to find not just any air or ocean freight shipping company but rather expert shippers of fine art. After all, art, antiques, and other valuable items require careful handling, not to mention special packaging and crating techniques.

Anyway, regardless of whether you are shipping art, equipment, electronics, or any other goods, you need to decide whether to go with sea freight or air freight. It is a very important choice that can make the entire process of shipping by freight as stress-free as possible. Hopefully, the following information will help you make the right decision!

1. Speed

It is needless to say that if you are looking for the fastest way of shipping by freight, air transportation is your only option. The fact is that shipping cargo by sea can take several weeks while shipping by air is usually a matter of one-two days.

2. Cost

Shipping by freight is not cheap. However, if you choose sea freight, you can save a bunch of money. While this type of international transportation is not as fast as air freight, it is definitely much more affordable. Plus, you can always request free quotes from different shipping and freight companies to find the service that suits your budget best.

3. Environmental impact

In case you are looking for the most eco-friendly method of transporting your goods, sea freight wins this category, which makes it a preferred option for all those who try to protect the environment and save the planet.

4. Reliability

Finally, when choosing the best way of shipping by freight, you should take into account that air freight is considered the most reliable method of international transportation. Airlines always try to be on top of their schedules, even despite the fact that flights are sometimes delayed by weather or other factors.

Now that you know what to pay your attention to when choosing the right way of shipping by freight, you are ready to make the informed decision! Please feel free to contact Fine Art Shippers for any further information!