Pros and Cons of Custom-Built Crates

Pros and Cons of Custom-Built Crates

In the world of art packaging materials, wooden crates are above the competition. As of today, there are no equivalent containers with the same quality and level of safety that crates tend to provide. However, it is no surprise that there are parameters that make custom-built crates hardly the most relevant and wise solution in specific situations. And every art owner should be well aware of those pluses and minuses because it helps you choose the right approach and pay exactly for what you need and not a penny more, not a penny less. Let’s emphasize the pros and cons of shipping crates.

Pros and Cons of Custom-Built Crates

Pros: Solid

Firm, reliable, and secure – all this can be said about these wooden containers that carpenters make with the utmost care and attention. Unlike boxes, they are designed to be a perfect match for any piece of art that needs to be transported, be it a painting or sculpture.

Cons: Costly

At the same time, requesting art crating is markedly more expensive than using standard corrugated boxes or anything else. There are mainly two reasons for that: high-quality materials and special skills, which is why it cannot be entrusted to inexperienced workers.

Pros: Versatile

Custom-built crates can be used for different types of artworks at the same time. Thanks to the adaptable construction, you can make it serve as a protection for a large canvas or a piece of sculpture.

Cons: Demanding

Not every company offers crating services, so when you want to deliver your valuables in a crate, you may need to find carpenters separately from a moving company, which is a whole different story. In the best-case scenario, you will find a company like Fine Art Shippers that can crate your art and ship it without further ado.

Pros: Reusable

Boxes are made of wood, a fully sustainable and eco-friendly material. More than that, they are often reusable, as you can disassemble them to give them a different shape.

Cons: Heavy

Custom-built crates are quite weighty, meaning that they are usually handled by a team of shippers. This fact excludes any possibilities of DIY moving.


One thing is crystal clear: the pros outweigh the cons because what you get is far more important than what you should give in return. Custom-built crates are indeed great tools for art transportation, but you should be careful with where and how you use them if you aim for cost-effective delivery.