How Does the Choice of Materials Influence Art Packaging?

How Does the Choice of Materials Influence Art Packaging?

Art packaging serves many roles: protection, security, convenience, finance management, etc. The more valuable the freight, the more stringent packing rules and regulations are. Over the years, people have developed highly effective practices allowing shippers to provide safety to the most delicate items, whether they are delivered locally or internationally. The quality of packaging directly depends on the materials. Nowadays, more and more companies pay attention to sustainable solutions, which will hopefully make the industry less harmful to the environment in the near future. But let’s focus on the importance of the choice of materials and see how it influences the safety of a package.

Choice of Materials and Their Protective Qualities

The primary role of art packaging is to protect items, so materials should be estimated based on their protective qualities. Take, for example, the difference between corrugated cardboard and standard cardboard. Professional shippers would never use a box made of the latter because it is less thick and far inferior as compared to the first option. Let’s compare the other two popular packing supplies: tracing and glassine paper. Since the first variant is brittle and thus can smudge the painting, it is not used by experts. In this case, glassine is the obvious winner due to its smoothness and resistance to grease and moisture.

These are two common examples of how the choice of materials can influence the safety level of art packaging. The list can go on and on as there are quite a few alternatives that are infamously cheaper and less practical. That partly explains why DIY moving may be a dangerous idea with unpleasant consequences. Protection is the chief purpose of any material, so if you are not sure how to opt for the right stuff, it is better to hire professional companies such as Fine Art Shippers. We have been providing our services for more than 27 years and can offer you custom solutions without further ado. Contact us now to request our assistance!

Why Is Art Packaging Not Only About Logistics?

A good choice of art packaging materials guarantees you peace of mind during transportation, but there is more you can do to make your experience better for the planet. Make sure to work with companies that use eco-friendly supplies and support the sustainable shipping and green development of the logistics industry in general. It is how you can successfully complete your own tasks and make a difference by protecting our planet. Remember that changes start with you, and every decision counts.