Paintings, Home Decor & Antiques, or How to Give Art as a Gift

The holiday season is already here! This wonderful yet crazy time is always accompanied by a long to-do list. However, among all the important things on it, buying gifts is a task that many people have trouble with. The fact is that buying gifts is an art itself and, therefore, requires a different approach, especially when it comes to choosing paintings, modern home decor, antique statues, or other fine art pieces. So how to give art as a gift? What to choose? If you still don’t know it, here are some useful tips that may come in handy!

1. Consider the preferences of the recipient.

No matter how much you like modern abstract art or acrylic paintings, your recipient might not. So the first thing to do is to make a list of their preferences, not yours. Since there is a great variety of fine art and antique pieces for sale, you are guaranteed to find something to their liking.

2. Opt for paintings, not portraits.

The trick is that not all people are ready to hang a life-size portrait of themselves on the wall. So it’s always better to choose any other piece of oil or watercolor paintings instead of a full-color portrait. Think about modern wall art. Chances are you will find something to give as a gift.

3. Frame the painting.

Whatever piece of paintings you choose, always frame it before giving it to someone. The truth is that even the most beautiful paintings can be stored in the attic for years simply because they are not framed. People just forget to go out and frame them.

4. Choose something unique.

To buy something that you have repeatedly seen in private homes or public spaces is a bad idea. Always opt for a unique fine art piece or, at least, something you haven’t seen before. Try to find a local artist or visit your local gallery for a better result.

5. Think about a group of artworks.

Sometimes to give a group of artworks is better than to give a single piece. This is especially true for private homes without any specific style. For example, if you are not sure that this antique statue will fit in the recipient’s home, think about several small modern paintings of the same size that work well as a group and look natural almost anywhere.

6. Consider home decor, shapes, and colors.

If the recipient’s home is already decorated in a particular style, make sure the chosen gift will fit in it. Consider home decor, used shapes and materials, wall colors, and other details before buying artwork. Your primary goal is to match the already existing artistic style.

7. Properly wrap a gift.

Gift wrapping is important. It’s like a final flourish that completes a good gift, so ensure the chosen artwork is properly wrapped. What if you need to send it to another city or even country? No problem! Just contact Fine Art Shippers, and we will do it for you in the best possible way!

Happy Holidays!