New Exhibition at Damien Hirst’s Private Museum

Damien Hirst is a contemporary British artist, known for his impressive paintings, drawings, sculptures, and installations that explore complicated relationships between art, science, religion, life, and death. Moreover, he is one of the most popular and successful living artists, whose works are sold for millions of dollars at auctions worldwide. In addition to being an artist himself, Damien Hirst is also a dedicated collector. His significant Murderme collection contains more than 3,000 works by such famous artists as Francis Bacon, Pablo Picasso, Jeff Koons, Richard Hamilton, and Banksy. Plus, it also includes a variety of works by young and emerging artists, as well as historical artifacts, anatomical models, and other museum-quality items.

The Murderme collection is displayed at Newport Street Gallery, Damien Hirst’s private museum located in Vauxhall, south London, UK. Designed by Caruso St John Architects, the museum comprises three buildings with six exhibition spaces to accommodate the impressive collection of the artist. It is interesting that for the newest exhibition at Newport Street Gallery, Damien Hirst added another 21 paintings to the exposition, commissioning emerging artists to make new works for the occasion.

True Colours: Helen Beard/Sadie Laska/Boo Saville

“True Colours” is indeed a unique exhibition that brings together three emerging artists, whose works are distinguished by bright colors and a very distinctive way of using paint. These include paintings by the British artist Helen Beard, the New York-based American artist Sadie Laska, and the British artist Boo Saville. Featuring more than fifty works, “True Colours” is the largest gallery show to date for each artist. By the way, admission to Newport Street Gallery is free, so if you have a chance to visit this amazing private museum owned by Damien Hirst, do it without hesitation! You will be impressed by all those fantastic works exhibited there!