Moving Fine Art for Francesca Shwartz

Art can take many forms, yet all can be equally amazing. Whether it comes to sculpture, paintings, or anything in between, each of them is unique in the ability to touch people in different ways and to tell a story. As a professional fine art shipping company in NYC, Fine Art Shippers is constantly dealing with fine art in all its forms, which makes our job a real pleasure. However, what makes us even happier is the opportunity to meet truly talented people working in various styles and mediums. One of them is a New York-based artist Francesca Shwartz known for her intriguing artworks made of bone. Moving fine art for Francesca, as well as helping her organize a gallery show, was the honor for our team of art movers in New York, and now we want to tell you more about this unconventional artist and her incredible creations.

Francesca Shwartz

Even though we have been moving fine art and antiques for 20+ years, it is not every day that we have a chance to work with artists like Francesca Shwartz. Her approach to art and amazing creations are indeed outstanding. After all, this talented artist uses bones, metal, silk, and artifacts in her work, thus combining the material world with the spirit, the dead with the living. Whether it comes to sculptures, paintings, or installations, Francesca Shwartz’s art is spellbinding, so if you have never seen her works with your own eyes, you should definitely do it at your first opportunity!

Moving fine art for Francesca Shwartz

Moving fine art for Francesca Shwartz was totally a mesmerizing experience. At Fine Art Shippers, we were really happy to be chosen to help this amazing artist with her super delicate artworks made in a variety of forms. Our small team of dedicated art handlers was trusted to deliver an entire collection of Francesca Shwartz’s conceptual and thought-provoking masterpieces directly to the gallery and to help set them up for the upcoming exhibition. It is needless to say that everything was done with the utmost care and attention, especially taking into account the fragility of all those delicate items.

Fine Art Shippers specializes in moving fine art and antiques of any kind, so whether it comes to paintings, sculptures, or any other artworks, you can entrust our team to handle any of them. We will ensure that every piece of your art is delivered to wherever it needs to be safe and sound!