Is Shipping Antiques with Professional Art Handlers Worth It

Is Shipping Antiques with Professional Art Handlers Worth It

Are you a collector who has gathered an impressive collection of antique items? Then, you understand how important it is to approach the question of shipping antiques with utmost caution. Some might say that professional art and antique handling services are not necessary when transporting breakables. The reluctance to trust other people with your precious collectibles is understandable. However, practice shows that the best results are achieved when professional art shipping companies are involved. There are many reasons why one should consider enlisting professional help — here are some of them.

Why Shipping Antiques Is Safer with Professional Art Services

Shipping antiques is a delicate process that requires precision. One small mistake can result in losing your valuables forever without a chance of restoration. Antique items are extremely easy to damage if mishandled. One of the most important steps anyone can take to protect their antiques during transit is to use appropriate equipment. This includes making sure the vehicle is spacious enough so that your piece can fit there without issues. Moreover, an art shipping truck must be equipped with a climate-control system and other features essential for keeping sensitive antique items safe. Extreme temperature shifts and bumpy roads are some of art transportation’s worst enemies that must be avoided at all costs.

To free yourself from the anxieties that come with shipping antiques, we recommend that you invest in insuring your pieces. Picking a company with suitable policies can seem difficult. Fortunately, a lot of art handling companies can recommend some good options and help you choose the insurance coverage that will fit your situation best.

Of course, some antiques are too old to be moved from one room to another, let alone across the country. In that case, it is crucial to prevent possible damage before even starting to plan the shipping. Professional art handlers will help you in assessing the state of your antique items to make an informed decision.

If you feel ready to trust an art transportation service with your belongings, consider contacting Fine Art Shippers. Being one of the most experienced and reputable art logistics companies in New York, we will surprise you with our individualized approach to every shipment. You can rest assured that there will be nothing to worry about if you choose Fine Art Shippers when shipping antiques. Call us today!