Is It Safe to Shuttle Art in Our Trucks? 3 Facts You Should Know

Is It Safe to Shuttle Art in Our Trucks? 3 Facts You Should Know

Art safety is subject to many influences. Quality of packaging materials, the competence of handlers, and insurance coverage are some of the most common measures that people take into account. However, there is one component that tends to be overlooked, which may seem unfair considering how important it is for the success of the whole process. We are talking about trucks which become temporary homes for your artworks during transportation. How do you know whether a truck is suitable and appropriate to shuttle art? Discover the following facts to see why it matters.

Is It Safe to Shuttle Art in Our Trucks? Facts You Should Know

At Fine Art Shippers, we have several trucks at our disposal. Each one is not just a random vehicle bought to be a taxi for valuables pieces. It is a mode of transport designed to meet the criteria necessary for the fail-safe shipping of items from point A to point B. How come?

Trucks are made to be safe

Of course, cars are not manufactured to be art carriers. Most of the time, it is about how you use the features of a van and modify it to meet your professional needs. Take, for example, a climate control system. Smart air-conditioning allows you to regulate temperature and humidity inside a cargo area. As you know, those are vitally crucial characteristics for the safety of artworks.

Drivers are guarantors of safety

To shuttle art, even a high-tech vehicle won’t be enough if it is not operated by a licensed driver who knows how to use its advantages. That’s why thorough attention is paid to the handlers’ training. We hone our skills all the time and make sure that our art transport is used as effectively as possible.

Proper and timely maintenance is key

Car breakdowns happen so often that it is already a rule of thumb. To exclude possible unsavory scenarios, it is our responsibility to keep our vehicles in top condition. We check our vans before every shuttle and try to detect malfunctioning at the initial stage.

If you want to shuttle art in well-maintained trucks operated by trained and experienced drivers, Fine Art Shippers is the team you need. We keep our vehicles safe and clean to transport pieces of any type. And even if something unexpected happens, we have grown to be fast problem solvers. Contact us to have your questions answered and/or request a shipping quote.