Introducing New Paintings by the Romanian Artist Cezar Ungureanu

Fine Art Shippers is pleased to share several new paintings by the talented Romanian artist Cezar Ungureanu.

Cezar Ungureanu is a visual artist known for his amazing neo-surrealist paintings that force the viewer to believe in a more profound reality, even acknowledging its superficial artificiality. His works are based on the dissociative re-constructivism that proposes a syncretic, eclectic, and perpetual re-conceptualization, combining the concepts of formal and chimeric, ancient and avant-garde, utopian and dystopian, and other bipolarities.

Cezar Ungureanu earned his BA degree in Arts from the George Enescu National University of Arts in Iași and attended postgraduate courses organized by the Romanian Patriarchy’s Religious Painting Committee to develop his skills in the tempera and fresco techniques. His works have been exhibited at many art exhibitions in Romania and abroad, including in Italy, Denmark, Switzerland, and Belgium.

Now let’s take a closer look at some of the new paintings by Cezar Ungureanu.

New Paintings by Cezar Ungureanu

Caryatides – Somatic Dance (2020)

Caryatides – Somatic Dance (detail pictured above) is distinguished by its dynamic composition with a great mythological charge and an eye-catching central character that represents a recontextualized figure inspired by Byzantine monumental art.

Obedience and Ecstasy (2020)

Obedience and Ecstasy is another noteworthy piece of Cezar Ungureanu’s dissociative re-constructivist art, which represents the forced artificialization of human existence and the relinquishment of freedom in exchange for ecstatic comfort and security.

Introducing New Paintings by the Romanian Artist Cezar Ungureanu

Henades (2019)

Inspired by Proclus’ theology of henades, described in his “Principles of Theology” and “Platonic Theology,” Henades explores the transition from Absolute Unity to the plurality of reality, showing metamorphoses, fusions, and reconstructive combinations aimed at re-assembling a new context, with new and unusual characters.

Introducing New Paintings by the Romanian Artist Cezar Ungureanu

Dissociative re-constructivist works by Cezar Ungureanu represent a new vision of neo-surrealism, catching the imagination of the viewers and forcing them to look at reality from a different perspective. His new paintings show another world with iconic elements that have been transcontextualized by the artist in the atemporal, and this is what makes them so appealing and interesting.