How to Ship Ceramics Safely: David Benrimon Fine Art Experience

How to Ship Ceramics Safely: David Benrimon Fine Art Experience

The difficulty of dislocation, motion, and slip are key factors making ceramic material brittle. Even though well-designed pieces can serve for years or decades of daily use, even abrasives can damage the items, to say nothing of some transport mistakes that movers can make during relocation. Furthermore, ceramics–plates, bowls, and cups–are often very pricey due to their historical and cultural significance. So how to ship ceramics safely? Not long ago, Fine Art Shippers picked up two of Picasso’s ceramic plates that would be delivered to Houston, Texas, by our cross-country art shuttle.

“Picasso: A Ceramic Perspective” by David Benrimon Fine Art

The plates that our team successfully picked up were showcased at the gallery exhibition titled “Picasso: A Ceramic Perspective,” which was available to the public from May 17 – June 24, 2022. Not only was Pablo Picasso an influential painter but also a practitioner of ceramic art. His career in this area began in the summer of 1946 when he was vacationing in the Mediterranean following the end of the Second World War. The artist started exploring the world of clay at the age of 66 and experimented with his techniques by transforming standard forms into sculptures with irregular shapes.

When you are responsible for the safety of Picasso’s plates, the question of how to ship ceramics safely starts to kick in. Fortunately, Fine Art Shippers has had extensive experience in moving ceramic artworks, so we definitely knew what we did at the David Benrimon Fine Art. The NYC-based gallery has been long specializing in exhibiting original artworks by such big names of the art world as Andy Warhol, Fernando Botero, Roy Lichtenstein, Yayoi Kusama, George Condo, Robert Indiana, and Damien Hirst. Working within the venue of such a reputable company was an exciting and valuable experience.

How to Ship Ceramics Safely: David Benrimon Fine Art ExperienceHow to Ship Ceramics Safely: David Benrimon Fine Art Experience

How to Ship Ceramics: The Number One Thing to Do

Answering the question of how to ship ceramics, you should remember one important thing. Whether you want to deliver one, two, or an entire collection of ceramic objects, professional transportation services are an inevitable safety measure that will ensure the integrity of the objects in transit. More than that, if you are not sure about your packing skills and are afraid of putting your valuables at risk, you can also request packing services that will be an effective addition to the shipping services. Ceramic is one of those materials that don’t forget mistakes, even minor ones.