How to Ship Artwork That Costs a Fortune? Best Pieces of Advice

How to Ship Artwork That Costs a Fortune? Best Pieces of Advice

Trembling hands, heavy breathing, and excessive sweating are not necessarily the signals of anxiety-related disorders. Those symptoms are common for everyone who is about to start handling a piece of art that costs a fortune. Indeed, the more expensive an item, the more responsibility you take, with the risk of failure being rather costly. In such a case, one needs to listen to what Jean-Luc Picard, the fictional character in the Star Trek franchise, once said, “There is a way out of every box.” Today, you have a chance to find such a way and learn how to ship artwork without making it lose its value. Let’s start!

How to Ship Artwork That Costs a Fortune? Best Pieces of Advice

Keep it insured

Insurance is a modern-day boon in almost every segment of life, and art logistics is no exception. As long as you keep your piece appraised and insured, you are protected against different types of risks. So, even if something gets damaged, you are safer than otherwise.

Ship it with experienced art handlers

New and amateur shippers are hardly the best choice in such a case because experience is key. Servicepeople might even know how to ship artwork with a high price tag, but if they are too stressed to tackle a task, it might influence their performance.

Invest in good packing

It is true that packaging is half the shipping success because it is the most important component of safety. Not only should you buy high-quality packaging supplies, but you also need to use all those materials and equipment properly. The more you or someone else is effective with supplies, the more secure package you will get in the end.

Or consider crating services

A corrugated box is a typical solution for artworks of any budget. However, you might want to put them in custom-made crates when it comes to utterly expensive pieces. Crating is a fool-proof way to protect delicate freight. Even though it is a little bit more costly, it is totally worth it.

Bonus tip: always have a plan B (and C and D)

You see, mistakes happen, and you have no guarantees that everything will go strictly according to a plan. To avoid frustration, you need to have as many backup plans as you need.

Was this information helpful? If you have any difficulties and don’t know how to ship artwork that can cost you an arm and a leg, don’t hesitate to contact Fine Art Shippers. We work with delicate and high-priced pieces all the time and can help you reduce shipping stress throughout the whole process.