The Definite List of Art Packing Supplies You Will Never Need

The Definite List of Art Packing Supplies You Will Never Need

When you think of art packing supplies, your mind might get occupied by a lot of different things at the same time. As a rule, people can spend a lot of money to ensure the 100% safety of their artworks. However, sometimes, they go to great and often unnecessary expenses to achieve the desired result without realizing whether it is a good or bad investment. Here is a definite list of packaging supplies that you will never need.

The Definite List of Art Packing Supplies You Will Never Need

Heavy lifting straps

Heavy-duty lifting straps are a safe and efficient way to carry bulky things without breaking your back. In art logistics, such equipment is used in very rare cases when a team needs to move or install a massive sculpture. If you are in a situation where you need such straps, that’s a clear sign that you need something different – the assistance of professional shippers who can transport your weighty items without any risks to their condition.

Shipping tags

A shipping tag is definitely a popular thing in the world of packaging. And while they may be useful in some specific situations, they are completely useless for those who pack artworks. All the objects are delivered right to the desired destination and should be checked by the clients. Except for tags, you shouldn’t forget to use labels, which are a much more efficient option in this particular case.

Alternative materials

Alternative art packing supplies are something you will never need and shouldn’t use for the sake of safety. Newspapers, old clothes, plastic bags, trash bags, and many other non-standard items are a total disaster for the whole process. As long as there are materials and equipment designed specifically for artwork packaging, there is no practical reason to run experiments.

Regular packing paper

Some types of tissue paper and any other sorts of regular packaging paper of non-archival quality doesn’t really contribute to the package. The same should be said about acid-based art packaging materials. Glassine paper/acid-free paper would be enough for tasks of any complexity.

If you doubt whether you need to invest in one of those art packing supplies or not, the definite answer is no. Not only are the mentioned materials and pieces of equipment unnecessary for you, but they can also cause even more shipping problems you won’t be excited about.