How to Ship a Chandelier from New York to New Mexico?

Antique and modern chandeliers, especially crystal ones, make a timeless and elegant addition to any home décor. A beautiful chandelier can transform the space with its sheer exuberance and glamour, adding style and character to the room. The only problem with chandeliers is that they are quite tricky to move due to their delicate nature. The task becomes particularly challenging if you need to transport this decorative light fixture interstate, let’s say, from New York to New Mexico. Below you will find several tips that will help you ship a chandelier to its new home safely and hassle-free.

How to Ship a Chandelier from New York to New Mexico?

The most important thing to remember is that to ship a chandelier is much easier with proper planning and a reliable white glove moving company by your side. When you work with professionals, you can rest assured that your chandelier is properly packed, crated in wood, shipped, and delivered to the destination in its perfect condition. Besides, it will be insured against the impact of all types of risks, meaning that you will be compensated for loss or damage in case something unexpected happens in transit.

If, for some reason, you decide to pack your chandelier yourself, keep in mind the following tips, as they can help you do everything right.

  • Remove light bulbs and wrap each piece with bubble wrap separately.
  • Protect the hanging parts with bubble wrap and cardboard.
  • Opt for a strong corrugated box or better a wooden crate built specifically for your chandelier.
  • Carefully secure the frame inside the box and fill in the empty space with cushioning material.
  • Keep all cables and wires together.

How to Ship a Chandelier from New York to New Mexico?

Finally, if you need to ship a chandelier from New York to New Mexico, consider our consolidated shuttle running between the states every 3-4 weeks. Fine Art Shippers is proficient in shipping delicate and fragile items of any kind and would be happy to help!

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