Art Shuttle New Mexico – New York Will Leave on January 20

Our art shuttle Dallas – Santa Fe is now on its way to New Mexico, shipping fine art and antiques for artists, collectors, and art business professionals. After leaving Santa Fe, we will head to New York City, meaning that you can book the shipment of your art to the East Coast right away. Our art shuttle New Mexico – New York is scheduled for January 20, but since the departure date is subject to change, it is better that you contact our team in advance. It is also important to note that the upcoming shuttle will go through Chicago where we will be able to make a stop for art pick-up and/or delivery as well.

Art Shuttle New Mexico – New York

On January 20, our art shuttle New Mexico – New York will leave Santa Fe after picking up art and antiques from around the city. Our art truck is well equipped to transport any type of valuables, so feel free to contact Fine Art Shippers whether you need to ship fine art prints, paintings, porcelain, sculptures, or antique furnishings.

The route to New York City will lie through the Midwestern United States with a stop in Chicago. Our shuttle can visit different locations throughout the city to pick up art or deliver the items shipped from Santa Fe. When the job is done, the art truck will head to the East Coast with the final destination in New York City.

Once we arrive in New York, we will make deliveries all over the five boroughs of the city and the surrounding areas. We can also deliver the items to different cities in New Jersey and Connecticut, as well as to other states on the East Coast if needed. For more information about our art shuttle New Mexico – New York and delivery options, please contact our managers or fill in the online form on our website. We look forward to serving you!