How to Package Glass for Shipping: Tips for a Successful Move

How to Package Glass for Shipping: Tips for a Successful Move

Are glass items at the end of your packing list? Are you worried about the safety of your glass during transit? If your answer is “yes” and you still don`t know how to package glass for shipping, this article will be useful for you.

Glass is one of the most challenging objects to ship. People usually feel tense and nervous waiting for the glass objects to arrive at their destination. This is especially true for antique glass that often requires special climate-control conditions during transportation. But let’s start from the easy point and focus on the traditional rules of glass packaging.

How to package glass for shipping

1. Wrap the item

The first step is wrapping your glass item. You should create a cushioning environment for it. For that, take bubble wrap, tape, and scissors. Wrap the piece in a few layers of bubble wrap and secure it with the tape. The object inside should be fixed, but don’t push too hard to avoid cracks.

2. Prepare the right box

Fragile glass requires a durable box that should be 3-4 inches larger from each side than the item inside. Tape the bottom of the box to be on the safe side, especially if your glass object is heavy.

3. Make a cushioning layer

Foam peanuts are a popular choice for many DIYers. How to package glass for shipping using foam peanuts? Pour in packing peanuts to cover the bottom of the box, put your glass item wrapped in bubble wrap in the center of the box, and cover it with peanuts. Foam peanuts should form quite a tight layer to fix the glass piece and protect it from vibrations.

How to package glass for shipping without using foam peanuts? You can replace them with bubble wrap or foam panels with special cradles. The material is actually not the main thing; it is just important to create cushioning space around your glass item.

4. Label the box

Label the box with “fragile” stickers or stamps. This will help you or your shippers find the correct place for the item in the truck and ensure it is transported safely.

5. Insure your glass items

After finishing the packaging step, take care of the proper insurance coverage, especially if you are shipping glass to another state, country, or continent. Insurance is a necessary point you shouldn`t neglect.

We hope the above-mentioned tips on how to package glass for shipping will be useful for you, and your move will be as smooth and hassle-free as possible.