How to Find the Real Value of Your Antique Porcelain Dolls in 2023

How to Find the Real Value of Your Antique Porcelain Dolls in 2023

Rare antique porcelain dolls are difficult to come by. Did you know that the most expensive doll in recorded history was sold at an auction for about $300,000? It was considered extremely valuable because it was part of a limited edition set of only 100 dolls made for a famous French designer at the beginning of the 20th century. While dolls made from porcelain are still being produced today, antique dolls are the ones that are especially sought after by collectors. But how does one determine the true value of a doll? 

How to Find the Real Value of Your Antique Porcelain Dolls in 2023

Professional appraisers who determine the value of fine art and antiques have to be well-rounded and educated to properly estimate the worth of an item. However, before opting for the help of an expert, you can try and spot characteristics that will tell you the approximate value of your collectible. Here are the three things that you should look for in antique porcelain dolls if you wish to buy or sell one.

Who manufactured the doll?

If you have a porcelain doll in your possession, which you want to sell, you might be asked to provide the details about its manufacturer. Generally, they are encoded in the name or identification number somewhere on the doll. These stamps will tell you where and when the doll was made. Sometimes, the doll even comes with a certificate of authenticity. Typically, the older the piece is, the more value it holds for collectors, as it was less likely to be mass-produced.

How does the doll look?

It is crucial to make sure your antique doll is actually made from porcelain. There are also visual features you have to pay attention to in a doll to find its worth. An experienced appraiser can deduce the age of the doll by looking at its hair, face, body, and clothes.

How well was the doll preserved?

When it comes to antiques, the question of preservation is ever-pressing. The value of an antique doll can be negatively affected if there is any serious damage, no matter how rare and old it is. This is why it is crucial to check the doll for any discoloration, chips, or scratches.

Collecting antique porcelain dolls requires a lot of effort, starting with looking for the pieces you want at auctions and ending with preservation. But it is a joyful experience nonetheless, and we wish you luck in building your unique collection.