How Excess Heat Affects Your Artwork During Shipping and Storage

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If you value your fine art, then you will also pay special attention to how you package them for transportation. That is why you need to think about the temperatures your art will be exposed to when transporting it in art shipping crates and during storage. The reason is that fluctuations in temperature along the way or in the storage facilities can lead to serious problems that can damage your precious artwork. In this post, we shall share some of the ways through which excess temperatures can affect your fine art and how you can avoid it.


When packing your artworks in art shipping crates or planning to store them before picking them to your final destination, you need to factor in the possibility of mold developing on them. The reason is that when your art gets exposed to high temperatures and fluctuations, it starts developing mold. When molding develops, it stains it leading to various forms of damage. For instance, mold can destroy paper if you are shipping or storing paperbased drawings or paintings. Also, mold destroys canvas and paint.

Change in Dimensions

When crating and storing your fine art objects, you should also remember that you will need your art pieces in their original dimensions. When your artwork gets exposed to hostile temperature changes, it becomes vulnerable to dimensional distortions such as warping. Additionally, it can start cracking and lose its surface materials. When this happens, the materials in paintings and canvas start absorbing or releasing moisture that leads to changes in the dimensions of the artwork.

Chemical Reactions

When crating or storing your fine art, remember that it can get exposed to chemical reactions. For instance, if you are shipping artwork that has metal pieces or frames, it can react with atmospheric elements leading to deterioration because of corrosion. If you are dealing with painting and drawings, the reactions can weaken the pigments of the paint and affect its surface.

What is the Solution?

So, what is the way out of all these ugly possibilities? You can bank on our climatecontrolled storage facilities to keep your artwork safe. You can talk to us about your storage needs to get over this destruction and enjoy your artwork more. Also, our professional packers know how to pack your artwork to keep it safe from temperature fluctuations.