Handy Tips on Shipping a Bed across Country

Shipping a bed across country can be a chore. If you want to make sure it arrives in the best condition possible, you need to take all the necessary steps in order to prevent your bed from damaging. The very first thing to consider is packaging. Fine Art Shippers has a wealth of experience in shipping furniture of any kind, and we are pleased to share several handy tips to help you with this complicated task. Keep them in mind to make the shipping process as easy and hassle-free as possible.

Handy Tips on Shipping a Bed across Country

Packing materials you need for shipping a bed across country


  • Sturdy corrugated boxes or crates
  • Foam or bubble wrap
  • Packing tape
  • Furniture pads
  • Moving blankets
  • Zip ties (for small parts)
  • Marker

Handy tips on shipping a bed across country


1. Proper packaging

Disassemble legs and other parts from your bed. Wrap and crate them together. Remove all cushions and slipcovers and wrap them separately. Carefully pad and enclose your bed in protective material. Do it generously, and do not be afraid of over-protecting your bed. Use high-quality packing tape for sealing. If your bed contains wooden finishes, make sure they are carefully covered up with corrugated cardboard. Label each and every box with the destination address.

2. Insurance

In order to safeguard our health, we usually get health insurance coverage. In the same way, if you want to sleep soundly at night until you receive your bed and put it in its proper place, you need to get moving insurance. Always remember that accident may happen in a blink of an eye, regardless of how careful and experienced your shippers are.

3. Choose an experienced carrier

Professional shippers will provide you with the most efficient logistics solution tailored to your needs. For example, they can relocate your king-size bed separately from other pieces of furniture and offer appropriate storage conditions to protect the bed from extreme temperatures, high humidity, and physical harm. They know how to ship furniture over a long distance so that it stays wholly intact and safe during transit.

Fine Art Shippers offers a wide range of services to fit any need. These include packing, custom crating, air & sea transportation, antique moving, insurance, white glove delivery, etc. So, whether you are shipping a bed across country or an entire estate internationally, Fine Art Shippers knows how to get the job done right!