Fine Art Shippers Celebrates Thanksgiving Day 2022!

Fine Art Shippers Celebrates Thanksgiving Day 2022!

Even if you are not a holiday person, Thanksgiving Day is just a favorable opportunity to remind others how grateful you are to them. Whether it is a friend who lets you in on their secrets, a parent who is always here for you, or your colleague who gifts a sheer smile every time they see you, it is a good time to tell them a couple of warms words, which people don’t normally do on a regular basis.

The whole Fine Art Shippers team celebrates this national holiday and wants to wish our friends, customers, partners, and their families every blessing of this bountiful season. May this day and every day be filled with joy, love, and happiness. Today, let’s remind ourselves of the time-honored holiday traditions that you might want to keep alive in your household.

Thanksgiving Day Traditions Worth Preserving

Breaking a wishbone

A wishbone-breaking contest is an amusing way to pull apart chicken forked bone for good luck. Not only is it a fun competition, but it is also a valuable reward because it means that you have a turkey, chicken, or any other bird on a table, which is a fine prize in any way.

Prepare holiday meal

Speaking of meals, it is super important to cook some favorite dishes and share them with your relatives and friends. It is not mandatory to strictly follow the Thanksgiving Day traditional list of meals as you can easily optimize it with your own recipes.

Running a turkey trot

This cool activity is designed for those who love running and being a superstar at the same time. There are so-called turkey trots, meaning long-distance footraces, that everyone can enter with only one condition – you should wear a turkey costume! In truth, you are free to choose any running clothes you want.

Visiting or watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

This one doesn’t require an introduction. You can either visit the famous parade or watch it on TV. It is quite a sight!

Start your own tradition

Generations come and go, and things will never be the same. Whether you have family or you are alone, you can start a new tradition that you will keep for the rest of your life and pass on to others. Isn’t it a cute way to leave a trace in this world?

Are You Still Here?

It’s time to meet your close ones and spend as much time as your heart needs. And don’t forget about the traditions; cherish them to keep the holiday spirit and atmosphere alive. Happy Thanksgiving Day!