Field of Vision: A Must-Visit Group Exhibition at Peter Blum Gallery

Field of Vision Exhibition at Peter Blum Gallery

“Maghreb Drapery” (2020) by Kamrooz Aram

On May 22, Peter Blum Gallery presented “Field of Vision,” a new group exhibition that The New York City Times would call one of the best gallery shows in New York to see right now. The exhibition brings together a group of five artists – Kamrooz Aram, Suzan Frecon, Patricia Treib, Rebecca Ward, and Sarah Crowner – who use innovative approaches to the medium to emphasize the malleable nature of painting by creating highly distinct painterly languages. The result of their work can now be viewed at Peter Blum Gallery at 176 Grand Street, New York.

A Five-Person Art Show at Peter Blum Gallery

Kamrooz Aram (b. 1978) is one of the most notable Iranian contemporary artists, whose diverse artistic practice reconsiders the position of decorative and ornamental art within the trajectory of Modernism. He is largely known for his ‘arabesque’ paintings that renegotiate the subordinated role of ornament in Western abstraction.

Rebecca Ward (b. 1984) is an American artist who explores the connections between painting and object through her deconstructed, sewn, and banded canvases. Ward’s artworks are mainly focused on the multilayered physical structure of the painting and its ability to obscure and reveal at the same time.

Field of Vision Exhibition at Peter Blum Gallery

“sun dog” (2021) by Rebecca Ward

Patricia Treib (b. 1979) is an American artist creating fluid and lyrical abstract paintings inspired by her observations of art historical sources and personally meaningful objects. Treib’s works are distinguished by saturated yet translucent forms creating vibrant bodies of color.

Field of Vision Exhibition at Peter Blum Gallery

“Le Pietre II” (2021) by Patricia Treib

Suzan Frecon (b. 1941) is a prominent contemporary American artist who is critically acclaimed for her unique arrangement of texture, shape, and color. Frecon creates paintings with complex compositions distinguished by asymmetrically balanced forms in precise proportional and spatial relationships.

Field of Vision Exhibition at Peter Blum Gallery

“tessera 3” (2021) by Suzan Frecon

Sarah Crowner (b. 1974) is an American painter best known for her energetic abstractions defined by the artist’s craft-oriented methodology of sections of canvas being cut, painted, and flawlessly sewn together. Focused on surface and texture, Crowner creates highly distinct artworks using a collage-like process.

Field of Vision Exhibition at Peter Blum Gallery

“Zig Zag” (2021) by Sarah Crowner

“Field of Vision” runs at Peter Blum Gallery through July 30, 2021. For more information about the show and featured artists, please visit the gallery’s official website.