Famous Banksy Artworks Will Go Under the Hammer in September

Several of the most famous artworks by the mysterious modern street artist will be sold at Julien’s auction in Los Angeles on September 30, 2015. What’s more, these murals created in Bethlehem and Detroit by the elusive British artist known as Banksy are estimated at about $1 million!

The first work “Donkey Documents” painted in 2007 was found in Bethlehem near the West Bank. Measuring approximately 2×3 meters, it depicts an armed Israeli soldier checking the identification papers of a donkey. This mural deriding the Israeli Government’s stringent security measures is part of Banksy’s works made to promote “Santa’s Ghetto,” the artist’s holiday fundraiser exhibition. According to experts of the auction house, “Donkey Documents” is the most significant and major work by Banksy, created during his stay in Israel. It is estimated at $400,000-$600,000. This work will be on display in London, leading up to the Banksy artwork auction sale.

The second graffiti titled “I Remember When All This Was Trees” was created in 2010 on the wall of a derelict building that previously had served as the Packard automobile factory in Detroit, Michigan. Banksy depicted a young boy standing at the dilapidated wall and holding a brush and a can of red paint. The name of the work is painted next to the child. As you might have already guessed, “I Remember When All This Was Trees” stands as a statement on the negative effects of industrialization. However, the main “highlight” of this four-color aerosol stencil is the artist’s fingerprints that can clearly be seen on the red paint. It’s interesting that this work was created just prior to the premiere of the “Exit through the Gift Shop” documentary that would bring the “invisible” British artist to stardom. The mural is estimated at $200,000-$400,000.

One more work that will be put up for sale at the Banksy artwork auction is the stencil called “Bomb Hugger.” It depicts a young girl hugging an aerial bomb. This black and red aerosol image that now is estimated at $25,000-$35,000 was created as an anti-war placard during the International protests in 2003. It is also worth noting that due to the fact that Banksy’s works are estimated at millions of dollars, the cost of real estate painted with his graffiti also increases significantly. Furthermore, any damage to the artist’s street works is qualified as vandalism.

Nonetheless, Banksy is not the only artist whose works will be auctioned at Julien’s annual Street Art auction in Beverly Hills. The sale will also feature the works by such modern artists as Rene Gagnon, D*Face, Space Invader, Shark Toff, Morely, Nick Walker, Retna, Seen, Ben Eine, Ron English, Wrdsmth, Craola, Jules Muck, Zevs, Blek le Rat, works from the Conart collection, as well as “Johnny Rotten” created by Shepard Fairey and estimated at $10,000-$20,000. We are looking forward to seeing the results of Julien’s auction!