Enemies You Should Protect Your Oil Paintings From

Oil Paintings The sleeping girl

Do you treasure your marine oil paintings and want to extend their lifespan? If you do, you should know the enemies of your artworks. The reason is that these pieces of art are vulnerable to different threats that can damage them, leading to the loss of their luster and reduction of their life. So, how do you take care of your fine art to ensure that they retain their original beauty? In this post, we share out some of the enemies you need to guard your oil paintings against.


All oil paintings are subject to breakages. If you want to protect your modern art against breakages, it is needful to take care of how you handle it. It is necessary to ensure that the pieces don’t fall into the wrong hands that don’t have the skill or understanding to handle them. Keep them out of the reach of children to avoid breakage if you live with them in your house.


Another enemy you need to take care of is tears because all marine oil paintings can be torn. You should keep them off the hands of careless handlers, for example, children.

Loose and Missing Elements

You should also take care of loose and missing elements in your artworks. Therefore, it is needful to fix all loose and missing elements to enable them to last longer.


Impacts are another enemy that endangers oil paintings. It is therefore prudent to keep them free from all instances that will expose them to harmful impact.


The beauty of your marine oil paintings depends on their cleanliness. Therefore, ensure that the paintings don’t come into contact with smudging.

Fingerprints Marks

Handling your oil paintings properly requires care and caution. Therefore, wear handling gloves to avoid fingerprint marks that can dent the paintings’ beauty and luster.


If you want to secure your artwork and enjoy it for long, it is needful to keep them from all types of stains. You should protect them from stains resulting from food and drink spillage.

Excess Light

Natural and artificial light is an enemy of your oil paintings. Ensure your paintings get the least exposure to light to avoid fading.

Cosmetics and Other Domestic Chemicals

Lastly, you should protect your marine oil paintings against cosmetics and other domestic chemicals.

Here is the list of basic things to consider for owners of oil paintings. Take care of your artwork, and it will please you for many years to come!