Ekaterina Vorona – Russian Painter & Graphic Artist

Russian art belongs to the constellation of the most luxurious and significant art schools in the world. A perfect combination of modern motives with the century-long traditions and customs makes works by Russian artists indispensable attributes of any solid collection. So are the paintings by Ekaterina Vorona. Let’s look closer at such a gifted Russian painter who opens new horizons in contemporary art and find out why her works are important.

Ekaterina Vorona – Russian Painter & Graphic Artist

Ekaterina Vorona was born in 1975. Being passionate about painting and graphics, the artist graduated from the Graphic Arts Department of the State Pedagogical University in Moscow. It is interesting that Vorona was a student of Andronicus Petrovich Yakubyan, a famous keeper of the Italian painting traditions in Russian art.

Throughout her artistic career, Ekaterina Vorona has achieved remarkable success and become an honored member of the most influential national arts organizations, such as the Russian Academy of Arts and the Artists’ Union of Moscow. Her works have been exhibited all over Russia, England, Germany, China, Spain, and other countries, and they are in many private and public collections worldwide.

Today, Ekaterina Vorona is a prominent figure in Russian Contemporary Art. Her works are distinguished by the peace of mind, harmony, joy, multicolored palette of nature, and other traits that go against the war. A single look at Vorona’s paintings is sufficient to understand how deep and atmospheric her works are. The style is abundantly diverse, but what the viewer can explore with unarmed eyes is slightly transparent lines and light textures that make them immerse in the composition and eventually get lost in its depth.

If you are not familiar with the work of Ekaterina Vorona, take some time to explore, at least, several of her amazing paintings to understand how talented and multifaceted this artist is.