Climate Controlled Art Storage Is a Necessity

If you want to keep your fine art piece safe and in great condition while not displaying it in your home or business, then you should store it properly. But to do this without a fully climate-controlled facility is impossible. So you should think about professional companies that offer art storage services. And it is not a recommendation – it is a necessity!

The matter is that climate control always keeps the art collection storage at a steady humidity and temperature and thereby prevents damage to the artworks. On the contrary, if the unit is not climate controlled, it may become a real problem. Here are just some forms of deterioration:

– chemical reaction that may cause metal corrosion, disintegration and yellowing of paper, clouding of glass, salt crystallization, and color fading;

– dimensional change that leads to the cracks of paint and other finishes, breaking of fibers and lamination, deformation or split of materials, as well as joints dislocation;

– bio deterioration, which means that bacteria and mold growth on fine art item can cause staining or even devour the entire piece.

In this way, having both temperature and humidity-controlled storage is the only way for art collectors to keep their property safe over the long term. Fine Art Shippers being an experienced company will help you with that in the best possible way. So do not hesitate to contact us!