Antique Moving in NYC

As you know, fine art is not only paintings and works on paper. Fine art is also sculpture, photography, design, mosaics, pottery, and many other forms of human creativity. So when we say that we ship fine art, we mean that we ship absolutely any kind of art, from prints and drawings to statues and huge installation projects. Moreover, this applies not only to modern art, but to antiques too. In fact, antique moving in NYC is an integral part of our services as Fine Art Shippers has been doing it since 1995. For today, we work with many reputable dealers, moving antique pieces for them in New York, across the country, and internationally. In this blog post, we want to tell you about the renowned Ashville Fine Arts & Antiques gallery located in Manhattan and its fantastic collection of antiques.

Ashville Fine Arts & Antiques

Antique moving in NYC with Ashville Fine Arts & Antiques is always an amazing experience. Featuring 17th – 21st-century paintings and sculpture, ethnic arts, antique and rare jewelry, porcelain, silver, lighting fixtures, objects of decorative and applied art, collectibles, and many other unique items, it is a whole new world filled with history and beauty. So if you are looking for something exceptional for your home, Ashville Fine Arts & Antiques is definitely a good place to start your search.

Antique moving in NYC

As a professional New York antique moving company, we work with many treasures offered by Ashville Fine Arts & Antiques, but we especially love their Art Deco sculptures from the 1920s and 1930s, even though to move such objects is not that easy. After all, complicated bronze statues and terracotta pieces are not the same as paintings and works on paper. Their transportation requires special approach and experience. However, since antique moving in NYC is our specialization, we possess all the required expertise and equipment to handle this task quickly and efficiently. No job is too big or too small for Fine Art Shippers, so whether it comes to delicate, fragile figurines or large and heavy sculptures, we can deliver them to any destination safe and sound. Below are several photos of antique pieces we were lucky to work with.

Fine Art Shippers can move any kind of art, no matter its material, size, and weight. Besides, all our services are not only highly reliable but also reasonably priced. So if you need professional antique moving help in NYC, contact our team without hesitation!