Best New York Art Moving Company

It is hard to argue with the fact that moving is one of the top stressors in life. Moreover, when you have to move precious art pieces or antiques, it becomes even more challenging and time-consuming than you could ever imagine. However, there is a safe way out. If you want to ensure your valuables are all delivered in their pristine condition, entrust this job to a reliable New York art moving company.

At Fine Art Shippers, we have been engaged in the fine art shipping business for many years, providing comprehensive art moving services to artists, art dealers, galleries, museums, auction houses, collectors, and just people who want to protect their precious belongings during the move. Needless to say that our team of professionals possesses a unique set of skills and all the required tools and equipment to handle any kind of art, no matter whether it comes to large outdoor sculptures or a collection of rare paintings. This all allows us to guarantee the highest quality of every service we offer, from packing to international transportation.

Experienced Art and Antiques Movers

Since there are highly valuable one-of-a-kind items that cannot be replaced, our staff undergoes extensive training in order to deliver only the best art handling services and ensure that every single piece of art arrives at its destination intact. Thus, whether you need help with moving your small private art collection or museum-quality exhibits, our team is the best option you can find in New York City. Besides, due to our worldwide network of partners and resources, we can coordinate safe and secure art transportation to virtually anywhere in the world.

Professional Packing and Crating Services

Most artworks and antiques require special packing to be protected during the move. This is where we can help you too. Our art moving company offers a full range of professional packing and crating services to ensure that all of your belongings are prepared for their journey. Moreover, we use only high-quality packing materials to safely protect your possessions from both environmental fluctuations and physical damage.

Thereby, if you want to avoid stress when moving, contact our team of expert fine art movers today! Just fill in our online form or simply give us a call, and we will do everything else. Your valuable art collection is in safe hands with us!