Art Transportation Tips

Art transportation is the most demanding discipline in the international shipping industry. Since antique objects, crafts, large sculptures, paintings, and other fine art pieces need to be handled with care, one should thoroughly plan each step to better prepare their prized art collection for moving. After all, such countries as the US, UK, Russia, France, and China have different customs regulations and rules, not to mention numerous other nuances, risks, and insurance details. That is why to use professional art shipping services is always the best solution when it comes to international transportation of art pieces. However, even though you can completely rely on Fine Art Shippers, knowledge about the cost of shipping, packing methods, international customs policies, and other aspects will play in your favor. We have prepared a list of art transportation tips to provide you with the basic information needed for international shipping of your precious art collection.

Art packing tips

Proper packing of your fine art pieces is crucial if you want them to arrive in the pristine condition. Consider the following art packing tips that may come in handy when transporting your art collection overseas:

  • Clean each and every piece of your art collection.
  • Inspect your possessions for any blemishes, damages, wear and tear, or scratches before packing them.
  • Learn more about art packing supplies and materials. While there are many of them in today’s market, not all can be used for art packing.
  • When choosing shipping boxes, opt only for the strongest ones.
  • Always select shipping boxes of the right size. If the box is too large, the item inside it will shift during transit, which can be a reason for damage.
  • Use high-quality bubble wrap to protect sculptures, crafts, and antique objects from pressure.
  • If you need to ship paintings, use corner protectors, acid-free paper, and high-quality packing tape.

Cost of shipping

Obviously, the cost of shipping cannot be the same for different fine art pieces. There are actually many factors that influence the cost, especially when it comes to international art transportation. Here are just several of them you should know about:

  • quantity of professional art handlers, crate makers, art movers, and other staff;
  • climate controlled vehicles, containers, and facilities;
  • flexible schedule and urgent delivery;
  • city and country of delivery;
  • type of artwork, its size and weight.

What to consider when shipping art internationally

If you want to avoid any unpleasant surprises, you need to know, at least, the major international customs policies and procedures. So what to consider when shipping art overseas? Check the following list:

  • port fees, miscellaneous charges, possible penalties, etc.;
  • forms, invoices, and other documentation that should be included in the shipment;
  • specific acts and rules governing customs and overseas borders;
  • taxes and duties applicable in the destination country and your home country.

The more you know about the nuances of international art shipping, the more confident you will feel. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to give Fine Art Shippers a call at 1-855-655-3772 or request a free quote right here!