Art Transportation Services for Antique Furniture

Antique Furniture

Antique furniture is not only a treasured family heirloom that reminds of the most important moments in life. It is also a collectible and valuable interior furnishing of considerable age, which requires proper care, attention, and handling, especially if you want it to be passed down through generations. Therefore, when it comes to moving to a new home, you most certainly want to ensure your antique furniture is relocated without a scratch. This is where you need professional art transportation services from reliable shippers of fine art!

Just like paintings, sculptures, figurines, and other artworks, antique furniture pieces are very fragile and delicate, even if they do not seem like that. Moreover, moving such items is quite a challenging task that is almost impossible to be handled without some expert help. At Fine Art Shippers, we can provide you with any assistance you may require during the relocation process, from crating the most valuable pieces to delivering all your possessions to their new home. However, if you want to reduce the cost of art shipping services, you can do several things on your own. This applies to preparing your antique furniture for the move and actually packing it. In such a case, consider the following tips from expert movers:

1. Disassemble your furniture. You need to carefully remove all the detachable elements (e.g. glass panels, legs, shelves, doors, drawers, etc.) and pack each of them separately. Don’t forget to mark all the hardware parts!

2. Make sure all the doors and loose parts are in place. Secure each piece of furniture well so that it could not move in transit.

3. Pack your furniture using high-quality materials. There are three major steps you should consider when packing antique furniture:

  • wrap each piece in special packing paper, plus a layer of plastic wrap to protect it from scratches, dirt, dust, and moisture;
  • cover your furniture pieces with cushioning material, like soft moving blankets or foam sheets, and secure them with packing tape to reduce any vibrations or undesirable shocks during the moving process;
  • order custom crates built specifically for your furniture to ensure its utmost protection in transit.

Whether you want professionals to only move your antique furniture to its destination or need a turnkey art shipping solution within your budget, our art transportation services are exactly what you are looking for! Contact us now for more detailed information!