Art Shipping Supplies Turned into Artwork

Being engaged in the fine art shipping business in NYC for 20+ years, we have seen art in all its possible forms, from paintings and sculptures to unusual art installation projects. However, sometimes art shipping requests for international or local move surprise even the most experienced art handlers.

What do you think of art shipping supplies as an art medium? Sounds a little bit strange, right? Well, you should not jump to conclusions too quickly as some visual artists have managed to turn packing materials into contemporary art. After all, human creativity is endless and will never cease to amaze. So what else can people do with bubble wrap and cardboard except for using them for fine art packing and shipping? See for yourself!

Cardboard relief portraits by Giles Oldershaw

Giles Oldershaw is an English artist with a unique talent. He can take a discarded piece of cardboard and turn it into a glorious portrait of Audrey Hepburn, Alfred Hitchcock, Clint Eastwood, or any other celebrity by simply removing its layers.

Tape art by Max Zorn

The Dutch artist Max Zorn is famous for his amazing artworks completely made of ordinary brown packing tape layered on glass. Thus, instead of using a paint brush, this artist etches out his designs with a scalpel. The result is truly impressive!

Packing tape tunnels by Numan/For Use

Numan/For Use is a design collective famous for blending public installation art and architecture. One of their projects includes installations of mazes and tunnels created entirely from packing tape. The most exciting thing about their art is that everyone can enter the installation, climb in, and enjoy it as a new adventure.

“Corrugated World” by James Grashow

The American woodcut artist and sculptor James Grashow is known for creating impressive large-scale installations that address the themes of nature, man, and mortality using an ordinary corrugated board.  It is no wonder that he is often called “the cardboard Bernini!”

Bubble wrap pictures by Bradley Hart

The New York-based Canadian artist Bradley Hart creates true masterpieces of contemporary art by injecting acrylic paint into bubble wrap. From Marilyn Monroe and Albert Einstein to interpretations of famous paintings, this talented artist makes pixilated photorealistic pictures that can amaze even classical art fans.

As you can see, art shipping supplies can be used not only for packing art. Like a painter uses a brush or a sculptor works with stone, contemporary artists know what to do with such an unusual medium. As they say, a talented person is talented everywhere, and this is rightly so!