Art Shipping Supplies Every Artist Should Keep in Mind

Whether it comes to paintings, drawings, or sculpture, your art is valuable. That is why once you sell your artwork, it is crucial to ensure that it will arrive at its destination in the pristine condition. It’s not a secret that the safety of art pieces during the move largely depends on the quality and type of the used art shipping supplies. Moreover, failure to properly pack your artwork may result in loss and damages. We have already written about some of the most common packing supplies used for secure fine art transportation; however, that list is undoubtedly not exhaustive. Below are some more materials you should keep in mind when shipping a painting or any other form of art. 

Archival materials

1. Dartek. Dartek is nongaseous pH-neutral plastic that acts as a transparent dust cover. It is used for wrapping fine art and photos.

2. Silicone release paper. This impregnated with silicone paper is one of the best for wrapping art due to its ability to provide a hard, slick surface preventing other materials from sticking to it.

3. Unbuffered acid-free tissue. Though this material is not a cheap one, it is very good for protecting artwork and other delicate items.

4. Glassine. Glassine is intended for protecting surfaces. Moreover, you can use it directly on the artwork. However, please note that it can stick to new oil and acrylic paintings that are not fully dry.

Not archival materials

1. Foam core board. This paper board with a foam center comes in a variety of thicknesses. It is used for constructing strong boxes needed for transportation of delicate items inside of crates.

2. Art-Sorb. This moisture-sensitive silica material available in a variety of forms provides moisture control protection for artifacts, artwork, and cultural assets.

3. Paper pads. Made of shock-absorbing fiber, paper pads can be used for protecting sculptures, antiques, and furniture during the move.

4. Ethafoam. This type of foam is used for better cushioning. Besides, it is also a good choice for lining the bottom of heavy marble and bronze sculptures.

These art shipping supplies can help you protect your artwork during the move. However, if you are not sure how to properly pack your items, it is better to order professional packing services. Moreover, it won’t cost you a fortune, as all the services offered by Fine Art Shippers are always reasonably priced.