Art Painting Challenges During Winter and Their Solutions

Who said that since winter is here you need to hang off your artistic regalia? Since art is inspirational, the best time to bring out your artistic inspiration is when it comes. Fortunately, inspiration does not respect seasons, and hence, you can still engage your fine art painting skills whenever you feel like doing so. However, winter has its unique challenge because cold temperatures interfere with the application of paint, its performance, and the drying process. Painting is the first stage before requiring city crate art galleries dealers to crate and market your artwork. Since drawing lies at the root of everything, we shall share with you some of the challenges you will face during this season and practical ways of dealing with them.

What Are the Difficulties?

Here are some of the challenges that you will face when painting fine art during winter:

  • Color does not hold uniformly
  • The drying period is longer than usual
  • You will need extra time to mix your colors
  • The film will not form properly leading to a powdery coating
  • The final coat appears lighter than the base coat
  • Excess film formation leading to the reduced paint coverage level
  • You will need to stop applying oil-based paints when the temperatures go below 40 degrees
  • When you try raising the room temperature to improve the conditions, you may end up with premature skinning on the painting’s surface

Simple Remedies

Here are the remedies to some of the painting challenges during winter.

  • Increase the heat in the room you are painting from to help your paint dry faster
  • Make sure that the kind of paint you are using to create this kind of fine art is recommended by the manufacturer for use in such cold conditions
  • Use the correct rollers and brushes based on the prevailing temperatures and the consistency of the paint
  • Use an excellent bonding primer before applying the paints
  • Use cold-weather coatings
  • Stop painting if the temperatures will fall below 35° F for two days after painting
  • Do your painting between 10 am and 2 pm when the sky is clear to enable you to get an enhanced view of your painting

You will face these are challenges when painting during winter. As seasoned city crate art galleries dealers, we encourage you to keep your creative inspiration alive and bring out the best of your talent using the remedies we have recommended.