Art Crating and Packaging Services from Fine Art Shippers

Never underestimate the complexity of art crating and packaging! At first sight, what you need is just a handful of casual materials from the hardware store. Then comes the humdrum process implying building the crate and playing with cardboard and bubble wrap, right? In most cases, that is not the way how it really works; instead, such a venture has a high chance to become a flop. Crating and packaging are particularly convoluted methods of making the package safe and feasible for transportation. At Fine Art Shippers, we are doing it professionally and have already serviced quite a number of clients. Today, we want to tell you more about art packaging and crating and their basic elements.

Art Crating and Packaging Services from Fine Art Shippers

The craft of crating and packaging

Let’s start by defining the value of crating and packaging art. Whenever someone affords to buy a painting or a sculpture, they usually face the conundrum of shipping the art object to their residence. That is high time for us to enter the business. By using tried and tested techniques, we make a secure package and build a durable wooden crate to mitigate the risks of damage during the move.

The first step to success is having the acknowledged and responsible people on the board. Fine Art Shippers has a highly experienced team of art craters specializing in designing and building custom crates for all kinds of art, no matter the size and weight. The second step is a high-end workshop with a broad set of professional tools for the work. At Fine Art Shippers, we operate in-house in our own crate workshop in Brooklyn, NYC. There, we have everything we need to create a solid crate for any artwork.

If you need help…

We are always welcome to be useful to you. While doing our work thoroughly, we also offer our clients a rich selection of services that can come in handy in all sorts of situations. Moreover, you can get our assistance at the exclusively affordable rates. Our goal is to maintain and enhance the effective international shipping business in the country and far beyond its borders. Our art crating and packaging services are available not only in New York but also in Miami, London, Moscow, Hong Kong, and many other cities worldwide. If quality and service credibility are not mere words but things that matter to you, then hiring our team is always the right call.