Actionable Tips for Shipping Your Oil Paintings Safely

Oil Painting

Oil paintings are sensitive pieces of fine art that require extra caution when packing them for shipping. Therefore, follow all these procedures and safety measures on how to pack a painting for shipping if you want your pieces to arrive safely. In the remaining parts of our post, we shall share out the process of doing it correctly for better results.

1. To start, you need a cardboard box that exceeds the painting you want to ship. You need to ensure that you have bought a box that is specifically designed for this purpose to avoid having your precious oil painting getting damaged along the way.

2. Next, you will need to place glassine paper over the whole surface of your oil painting. You should ensure the paper contains no acid. This stage is critical in ensuring that your oil painting is free from dust and moisture while ensuring it does not get in touch with shipping materials along the way.

3. Next, wrap the artwork in bubble wrap while securing it with specialized packaging tape all around the oil artwork.

4. After wrapping it with bubble wrap, it is necessary to place cardboard on the two sides of the art painting. To fortify this extra layer of security, you have to bubble wrap the two pieces of cardboard and seal them securely using a strong sealing tape.

5. Afterward, the next step will entail sliding the oil painting into the shipping container or box.

6. Next, it is necessary to taste the painting inside the box to see if it is firmly and secured held in there or not. After testing, you will know if the artwork is moving loosely or not. If it is not holding firmly, you will need to fill all the empty spaces to ensure it does not move during the transporting.

7. Afterwards, you have to close the packaging box using specialized sealing tape.

8.After sealing it securely, you should now write on it your recipient’s address and yours too using large and legible letters.

9. You should remember to label the box as “fragile” to allow for appropriate handling.

10. Lastly, you can now ship your oil painting.

You are now up to date with the steps on how to pack a painting for shipping. We hope next time you will pack your oil paintings safely.