5 Must-Visit American Antique Shows in 2022

5 Must-Visit American Antique Shows in 2022

Antiquities, whether it is a collection of ancient pottery, an old piece of jewelry, or a piece of antique furniture, are a surprisingly valuable resource nowadays. Not only do they make a statement and are environmentally friendly, but they are also viewed as an extremely cost-effective and valuable long-term investment. All these factors are true when you buy relics and artifacts from reputable and trustworthy dealers. And official shows are a good example of unwavering dedication that made millions of buyers and collectors happy owners of rare objects. If you want to join the board, take a look at the must-visit American antique shows in 2022!

Five Must-Visit American Antique Shows in 2022

The Long Beach Expo, June 30-July 2

The Californian show has been a leading international tradition in the coin, currency, and sports memorabilia industry since 1964. The Long Beach Expo is one of the most coveted places among American and international treasure hunters nowadays.

The West Palm Beach Antiques Festival, July 1-3

It is one of Florida’s biggest and best antique shows in 2022. Compared to other events on the list, the festival is organized on a monthly, not annual, basis. Founded by Bill and Kay Puchstein, the ever-growing collection consists of some of the most bewildering variety of collectibles in the state.

Madison Bouckville Antique Week, August 15-21

Vintage memorabilia, collectible treasures, a lot of fun, and a unique experience are some of the generous offers made by the Madison Bouckville Antique Week. There are several events around the year, but the biggest one is expected to be in August.

Antiques at the Gardens, September 29-October 2

Birmingham Botanical Gardens in Birmingham, Alabama, are some of those local paradises on Earth. Imagine buying furniture, fine rugs, textiles, home décor, and vintage jewelry in the middle of abundant greenery. Antiques at the Gardens is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated American antique shows in 2022.

The San Francisco Fall Show, October 13-16

The San Francisco Fall Show is not only about rare items but also about fine art and design. This year, it will mark the 40th anniversary, so don’t lose a chance to visit one of the most renowned West Coast antique events in person.

Before You Plan a Trip

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