Your Ultimate Guide for Choosing a Fragile Items Courier

Your Ultimate Guide for Choosing a Fragile Items Courier

Most works of art are fragile, meaning they are susceptible even to slight shocks and can be irreparably damaged or lost as a result of careless handling. That’s why fine art requires delicate and safe treatment at all stages, be it installation, deinstallation, packaging, or transportation. As an art owner, you may have only a vague idea of the safety precautions for managing your collectibles, so you definitely need a fragile items courier whenever you plan to have your valuable possessions shipped.

How Can a Fragile Items Courier Help You?

First of all, you should keep in mind that using a fragile items courier service means having a dedicated, well-trained person assigned to your art object throughout the whole transportation route. This way, you can guarantee personalized care and safe treatment of your art at every stage of transit, starting from packaging and pick-up and ending with its delicate installation at the new site.

An additional benefit of engaging a fragile items courier is access to many years of professional expertise and an excellence-oriented mindset. This way, you work with committed experts who know everything about safe art handling and can deliver a customized service at all stages of art transportation.

Art shipping couriers specializing in handling fragile objects are usually detail-oriented and diligent at every step. They assess an art object before packaging and register any defects and risks the object already has. They also apply a customized set of professional packaging materials hand-picked for the specific art object’s condition, type, and components.

Once a fragile items courier finds the art object too old and fragile for regular shipping, they may advise the use of a customized wooden crate for added protection and safety. This condition may be mandatory for some extra old and vulnerable artwork insurance; the insurance company may simply refuse to give you a policy for an unsafely packaged item.

Get Professional Art Courier Services at Fine Art Shippers

Here you go with the essentials of preparing to ship your fragile art with a professional courier service. If you need expert assistance in this field, don’t hesitate to turn to Fine Art Shippers. We have a team of experienced art handlers and couriers with a long track record of dealing with fragile art, such as collectible mirrors, Chinese porcelain, and antique watches. We will thoroughly evaluate your object, complete its safe and comprehensive packaging, and carry out its shipment with respect to your needs and security guidelines.