Fragile Delivery Service Your Precious Possessions Deserve

Fragile Delivery Service Your Precious Possessions Deserve

Works of fine art are delicate and fragile, so they require special attention during handling. While your painting is hanging on the wall, or your sculpture is firmly posited on its footing, nothing seems to happen to them. However, moving fine art objects is a separate sector in the shipping industry, which can also be equaled to art. That’s why you definitely need a fragile delivery service when you plan a relocation for your precious belongings and want them to receive professional, safe treatment at all transportation stages.

What Do We Mean by Fragile Delivery Service?

Fragile items require special treatment; you can’t just send them over to the recipient in a cardboard box. Fragile art objects require professional, multi-layer packaging that will secure their surfaces and corners from any physical shock or the impact of changes in environmental conditions, like temperature or moisture.

Besides, fragile items should be handled with care and consideration at all stages of shipping, as they are made of vulnerable materials and components that can easily crack, chip, or break. That’s why such items are labeled as “Fragile” on all sides of their shipping containers (sturdy boxes or crates), which gives the art handler proper instructions on how to deal with them.

Third, the shipment of fragile items should be done in a carefully controlled environment. Fine art doesn’t stand sharp fluctuations in conditions, such as exposure to sunlight, extremely warm or cold temperatures, and changing moisture levels. This is what we at Fine Art Shippers resolve with the help of climate-controlled art shuttles specifically equipped for fine art moving across the USA.

Who Needs Fragile Delivery Service?

If you’re still in doubt whether you qualify for this type of delivery service, we’d like to reassure you that it’s universally suitable for private collectors, art institutions, businesses dealing with art, and anyone wishing to have their art objects delivered with proper care and safety. Hiring a fragile delivery service provider guarantees end-to-end security of the shipped artwork and frees the art owner, curator, or manager from the need to oversee every shipping stage personally.

Entrust Your Fragile Art to Fine Art Shippers

Fine Art Shippers is a New York-based company that has been providing professional and safe fragile delivery service to clients for almost three decades. We’re highly experienced in all aspects of handling art and can give your valuable belongings the most careful treatment they deserve. Contact us by email or phone to learn the details and schedule an art handler’s visit to your location.