Your Ultimate Checklist For Shipping Antique Furniture

Antiques are some of the most precious forms of fine art. Unlike the other forms of fine art, these pieces have more than just esthetic and monetary value. Most antique furniture owners have a sentimental connection to them. That is why when you are looking for antique crating services, be careful since any damage that may befall them will rob you of a physical item plus priceless and nostalgic memories. In this post, we shall share out our ultimate checklist to follow when shipping antique furniture.

Have You Appraised It?

You should make sure that before settling for given antique crating services, you have appraised the art piece. This appraisal will make it easy for the insurer to give you an appropriate insurance cover. It will also help in lodging for compensation if the antique gets damaged.

Have You Taken Photos of the Antique?

Before moving, take sharp and highquality photos of the pieces. It is necessary to take the snaps from all dimensions to help you lodge a claim if the objects get damaged in transit.

Have You Notified the Shipper About Any Delicate Parts?

Another key component on your checklist should be the notification of the company offering you antique crating services about any loose or damaged part of the antique. This way, it will be easy for them to know how to handle those loose or delicate parts to avoid undue misunderstanding between you and the antique shipper.

Did You Empty the Furniture?

Before moving the antique from your house, make sure you have emptied it. If you leave extra weight in it, it may damage the furniture along the way.

Have You Considered Weather Conditions?

Also, consider the form of wood the piece of furniture is made of because a change in temperature during transit may lead to the damage of the piece. Therefore, it is beneficial to consult your shipper if they have any piece of valuable advice that could help you in the safe storage of the antiques.

Have You Thought About Insurance?

Lastly, given the high stakes attached to the piece of furniture, think about insurance. Therefore, consult your insurer about the best cover for your pieces.

Now you have the checklist for shipping your antique furniture. The ball is in your court to do the right thing next time you ship an antique piece of furniture.