Winter Art Fairs and Exhibitions That Keep Art Packers Busy

Winter Art Fairs and Exhibitions That Keep Art Packers Busy

The USA is a melting pot of artistic traditions, a country with a vibrant art culture and an active art collector and dealer community. That’s why there is always much going on in various American cities. Here is a list of the must-visit art fairs that will keep professional art packers busy during the winter months.

Where Do All Art Connoisseurs Flock This Winter?

The art event schedule in the USA is always very tight, with fairs, auctions, and exhibitions of local and international levels taking place almost every day. So, we’ll highlight only the top-rated events you surely don’t want to miss during the 2023-2024 winter season.

#1 Miami Art Week

This is a collective name for a number of fascinating art fairs held in Miami during the first half of December. No matter which art you fall for, you’ll surely find something to your taste here. The relaxed vibes of Aqua Art Miami, the luxury and status of Art Basel Miami Beach, and the grandeur of space use at CONTEXT Art Miami – these and many other events await all fans of art at signature beach locations.

#2 FOG Design + Art

This art event will take place in January in San Francisco, CA, and will be held at Fort Mason Center. The annual meeting of contemporary designers and artists offers a free space for the exchange of ideas, networking, establishment of creative and business contacts, and display of artwork items.

#3 The Winter Show

A grand display of artworks, from antiques to contemporary art pieces and design solutions, will take place in New York on January 20-28. The Winter Show promises an alluring display of artworks that span over 5,000 years of human history and creativity. This art fair has a very long tradition, established in the 1950s and attracting art aficionados from the whole world for over 70 years.

Hire Our Art Packers to Ship Your Artwork to a Fair

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