Fine Art Shippers Is Shipping Art to CONTEXT Art Miami 2023

Fine Art Shippers Is Shipping Art to CONTEXT Art Miami

The global art industry is varied and diverse, with numerous signature galleries and art dealers attracting the attention of private collectors and art aficionados. The forthcoming Miami Art Week is an event of global significance, which no self-respecting gallery or art business can ignore. That’s why we expect all outstanding figures of the international art community to be present there, and Fine Art Shippers is happy to offer professional art shipping and art handling services to everyone wishing to secure the safety and integrity of their fine art objects.

Fine Art Shippers to Deliver Art to Alessandro Berni Gallery Participating in CONTEXT Art Miami

One of our returning clients we’re happy to work with is Wo Schiffman, who is represented by Alessandro Berni Gallery. The experts of Fine Art Shippers are delighted to assist the artist with the careful transportation of her valuable paintings from San Francisco to Miami for the upcoming show. Another talented artist who entrusted our team with the delivery of her fragile works to Miami is Allison Harrell, who is also represented by Alessandro Berni Gallery.

Alessandro Berni Gallery will participate in one of Miami Art Week’s most audacious events – CONTEXT Art Miami – that will be held on December 5-10, 2023. VIP-access visitors will be able to access the primary art market gems on December 5 and purchase cutting-edge art objects during their exclusive VIP Preview session. Art connoisseurs will be treated to the latest curatorial projects and solo artist presentations, some of which are specifically crafted for this event.

Introducing Alessandro Berni Gallery

Alessandro Berni Gallery (ABG), which was founded in 2012, has acquired a reputation as an innovative space for experimental art and a discussion platform for emerging cultural and social issues. This year, at CONTEXT Art Miami, the gallery will showcase artworks by Wo Schiffman, Allison Harrell, Gilbert Salinas, Robert Obier, Camilla Ancilotto, and other contemporary artists with a solid standing in the art industry.

Why Visit CONTEXT Art Miami 2023?

The Fine Art Shippers team strongly recommends including CONTEXT Art Miami in your annual list of art fairs and art events because this exclusive and globally recognized exhibition gives everyone exclusive access to the best of contemporary art. Similar to the previous years, our whole team will be present there, delivering art handling and shipping services to participating galleries and artists and ready to partner with new clients. Contact us now to learn how we can help you with your art logistics needs.