Why You Need Specialized Art Insurance: UPS Case

Why do you need art insurance

Why is art insurance indispensable for artworks in transit? Why is a regular shipper not a good choice? What risks do you face when trusting art to a non-specialized shipping company? In this blog post, we will share the story of a UPS customer who had his item damaged during shipment and was denied compensation for it.

Why You Need Specialized Art Insurance: UPS Case

The Vulnerability of Art in Transit

Imagine an irreplaceable masterpiece, skillfully wrapped and packaged, being loaded into a cargo hold alongside countless other parcels. Regular shipping companies cannot guarantee the prevention of potential damage. Moreover, the item may be lost in transit. Shipment processes involve several risk factors–mishandling, temperature changes, vibrations, moisture, and other unforeseen circumstances. These can have disastrous impacts on delicate items.

While some might argue that standard insurance options are sufficient to cover potential losses, this is far from the reality. Regular shipping insurances are designed for general cargo rather than specifically for the complexities that art handling and transportation entail. There’s a high likelihood that these policies will fail to provide full coverage for artworks in transit.

This is what happened with the UPS customer who shared with Fine Art Shippers his story.

UPS case

The person purchased UPS insurance as advertised on the company’s website. He placed an order to ship an antique teapot, bowl, and tank from Helsinki to New York. Unfortunately, all of these items arrived at their destination damaged.

After the incident, he filed a claim to seek insurance coverage for the damaged items. However, his claim was denied with the explanation that UPS is “not liable for the shipment of artwork products without a contract.”

Why Do You Need Specialized Art Insurance: UPS Case

The Need for Specialized Art Insurance

Specialized art insurance fills the gap left by general insurance. These policies are designed to cater to the particular risks associated with art transportation. They provide more comprehensive coverage, spanning potential issues from physical damage to changes in the artwork’s value and even issues of provenance.

Importantly, art insurance companies understand that the value of art is not always tied to its market price. They appreciate the irreplaceable nature of the piece, the artistic history it carries, and its cultural significance. Such an understanding ensures that claims are handled with consideration and expertise that traditional insurers cannot provide.

Art Shipping Companies: Ensuring Safe Passage

Similarly, there’s a vast difference between shipping a standard package and transporting a piece of art. Specialized art shipping companies, including Fine Art Shippers, understand this distinction. We provide services that respect the fragility and significance of the artwork, using customized packing materials, climate-controlled transportation, and expert handlers familiar with the nuances of art pieces.

Specialized art insurance and art shipping companies are not a luxury; they are a necessity for anyone looking to protect the physical and intrinsic value of their artwork or antique items.

In addition to transportation services, Fine Art Shippers offers art insurance from our trusted partners. This insurance takes into consideration all aspects of the artwork, including its irreplaceable nature, and cultural significance.