Why Is the Third Dimension So Important for Shipping Art?

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Most art shipping companies often face with the problem associated with the lack of necessary information required for the proper query processing. No matter whether the estimate request comes from the “industry” or “civilian” potential client, in most of the cases it contains just dates, origin and destination, artist and title, medium, length, and height. But what about the depth or the third dimension? It is very important for any shipping company as all fine art objects have three dimensions! You may find it irrelevant when it comes to paintings, but it is not so! The fact is that many people think in terms of the image size rather than framed size. Therein lies the mistake! This omission can and does affect the detailed estimate, and ultimately the very organization of local and particularly international transportation. So don’t be surprised if you are asked about the third dimension while making the fine art shipping request even if it concerns paintings.

Furthermore, the depth can seem insignificant because it’s usually the smallest dimension. But once again, it only seems so! In fact, for fine art shipping companies the whole volume is an essential element! And the “average depth” in this case is not acceptable! It affects packing and crating solutions, grouping of the artworks during transportation, and surely it may affect the cost. In this way, please, remember about the so important third dimension when making the estimate request – it will save a lot of time and money!