Why Is Art Storage in Manhattan the Best Option for Art Collectors?

Why Is Art Storage in Manhattan the Best Option for Art Collectors?

Storing art is about security and professionalism in most cases. You should be fully confident in the storage facility’s climate control systems, air filtering, and safety measures that keep your art belongings intact. Yet, choosing a storage option for your art collection may also be about the location, especially if your art travels much to fairs and gallery exhibitions. If a convenient location is your priority, art storage in Manhattan is surely your way to go. Here is why.

Why Is Art Storage in Manhattan the Best Option for Art Collectors?

Proximity to Art Institutions & Galleries

The first point you may consider is the storage facility’s proximity to art institutions and galleries where your artwork may be displayed. If we’re talking about Upper Manhattan, this is where the Studio Museum in Harlem, the Hispanic Society Museum and Library, El Museo del Barrio, the Cloisters, and lots of galleries and other venues where you can exhibit your art are located.

Convenient Logistics

Besides the availability of many art galleries and museums in the neighborhood, you can quickly get your art objects delivered to and from several airports. The ones that are the closest to Upper Manhattan are John F. Kennedy International Airport, LaGuardia Airport, and Newark Liberty International Airport.

It’s also possible to cut the shipping costs for art deliveries by sea, as Upper Manhattan is very close to the Port of New York and New Jersey. That’s why your art belongings will always enjoy easy travel and simple logistics regardless of whether they travel domestically or across the border.

Access to Top-Tier Art Handling and Shipping Talent

Finally, you should keep in mind that Manhattan is a location with a dense concentration of art handling, shipping, and management expertise. You’re sure to find many safe, professionally equipped storage options served by seasoned art handlers. Enhanced security systems, the district’s protection from storms and tides, and the availability of large commercial spaces, all make Manhattan an optimal choice for art storage.

The art storage facility of Fine Art Shippers is also conveniently located in Upper Manhattan to give you the best service in all aspects of your art collection management, storage, and transportation. Contact us to find out more about the museum-grade art storage in Manhattan that we’re ready to offer for your precious assets.