Who Are NYC Art Handlers, and What Are Their Duties?

Who Are NYC Art Handlers, and What Are Their Duties

Have you ever wondered what set of duties professional NYC art handlers have? Most likely, someone in your circle has, at least, once proudly declared that they work or worked as an art handler. You must have probably thought they have a pretty fancy job if they are dealing with art. But what exactly do art handlers do?

NYC Art Handlers and Their Duties: An Incomplete List 

At Fine Art Shippers, we have a precise answer to the question of what people who call themselves art handlers actually do. That’s why we’ve compiled the following list featuring some of their most important duties. In fact, NYC art handlers have so many different responsibilities that no short article on our blog can hold them. After all, they are involved in every single step of the art transportation process.

1. They Pack and Unpack Works of Art

The primary responsibility of an art handler is to safely pack and unpack a work of art, antique, or another valuable object. They take care of the proper packaging for each specific type of artwork, unpack the items upon delivery, and in some cases reassemble them in a new location.

2. They Accompany Artworks During Transit

Most of the art handlers typically accompany artworks on their way to the exhibition or during other relocations. They place works of art within the vehicle and fix them properly because any movement during transportation can seriously damage the items. In case of any difficulties on the way or during loading or unloading, only professional art handlers can ensure the safety of the art object and prevent damage.

3. They Install and Deinstall Artworks at Exhibitions

Installing artworks for the exhibition is also included in a set of art handlers’ responsibilities. They work closely with the curators and exhibition team and give advice on how to better display artworks to avoid any damage. Deinstallation after the exhibition requires the attention of the art handlers as well, which is followed by another important step – packing of the artwork.

One last note: Fine Art Shippers is a team of experienced NYC art handlers performing all of the above tasks and even more on a daily basis. Don’t hesitate to check out our full list of services if you need professional art handling assistance.