Who Can Benefit from Art Handling Services in 2022?

Who Can Benefit from Art Handling Services in 2022?

With the exponential growth of the art market, art handling services are becoming more and more valuable. If you have an art collection, you probably know how vital it is to find reliable logistics experts who can safeguard fine art against damage, theft, or loss. There is a deep-seated belief that you should be an established collector to use professional art services, but to what extent is it true? Let’s see who can benefit from the help of an art handling company in 2022.

Who Can Benefit from Art Handling Services in 2022?

Home movers

Moving to another house is a pain in the neck for a good reason. There is always a chance that something will break if you don’t move it right. The stakes become even higher when it comes to art. White glove movers are those experts specializing in handling highly fragile and valuable items.

Art collectors

Whether you only start your art collection or you are an old hand at collecting works of Old Masters, art handling services will be your safe bet. Shipping paintings from/to art storage facilities, as well as handling your artworks between auction houses, is an old-time classic that will not go out of fashion soon.


Before a masterpiece is featured at an exhibition or show, it should be delivered by an art shipping company first. Thanks to professional art handlers, artists can sleep peacefully because their works are in the right hands.

Public & private businesses

Art shipping services are essential everywhere where there is art. Not only do art museums and galleries need such help, but also antique stores, religious institutions, and design firms. As you see, the scope is rather wide.

No matter which type of group you belong to, art handling services will be right up your alley. To find out how Fine Art Shippers can help you, don’t hesitate to contact us and ask any questions you like.