Who Are the Most Common Customers of Fine Art Movers in NYC?

Who Are the Most Common Customers of Fine Art Movers in NYC

New York City is easily the center of global art life. Numerous famous artists have lived and worked in this city through the decades, as New York has always attracted those who want to make it big in the industry. With new talents constantly emerging, there have to be people who can manage the logistical part of the art business for them. That is why the services provided by fine art movers in NYC are in high demand. Let us, a professional fine art shipping company, share our experience and tell you about our clients. Throughout the years, we have worked with many public organizations, private collectors, and more — but why do they find fine art shipping services useful?

Who Chooses to Work with Fine Art Movers in NYC?

Auction houses and art shows

Fine art movers in NYC often get to work with auction houses and art shows. After the main part of the event is over and the works have found their owners, professional art handlers will be there to pack and deliver the pieces from the auction or show to their new homes. Very often, the shipping company’s representatives work on-site and also offer additional services like art installation.

Museums and galleries

The Big Apple is an art lover’s heaven, as it has an impressive number of museums and galleries that are, in their turn, regular clients of fine art movers in NYC. They often need help with transporting not only single pieces but also entire collections and complex installations. Of course, there is nothing an expert art handler cannot manage.

Home movers

Are you moving your home and happen to have delicate and valuable items that you cannot simply entrust to regular movers? In this case, fine art movers are a great solution. It does not matter if you need to transport a hundred-year-old grandfather clock, a fine china set, or a canvas painting — art shipping companies will ensure that every single one of your items arrives in perfect condition.


While there are ways for artists to ship artwork on their own, for large, complicated, fragile, and more expensive pieces, it is better to opt for professional assistance. That way, the work of art that you are shipping to an exhibition or a client will get to its destination safely and on time.

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