Grandfather Clock Shipping: Where to Start?

Grandfather Clock Shipping Where to Start

One thing that makes a grandfather clock stand out among other timepieces is its impressive size. On top of that, many grandfather clocks are valuable antiques. Whether such a clock has been in one’s family for generations or recently purchased from a collector, it is a precious piece of history. Hence, a reasonable question arises: how to move this large and often expensive possession because grandfather clock shipping is never an easy task?

Fine Art Shippers deals with many different types of precious and fragile cargo, including vintage and antique timepieces, and we have extensive experience in shipping grandfather clocks. Hopefully, this article will shed light on some of the steps in the process of grandfather clock shipping and help you prepare for the upcoming move. 

Grandfather Clock Shipping: Where to Start?


Any clock is complex in structure, and a grandfather clock is no exception. Before the clock goes into the shipping box and under the many protective layers, it needs to be disassembled. Anything that can be easily damaged during the shipping (e.g., pendulum, weights, chains, etc.) should be detached or secured in place and marked. A pair of gloves could be a nice touch when dealing with intricate mechanisms.

Another thing to consider is the state of your grandfather clock. Its antique status might not only add to its value but also make it more delicate and damageable. Additionally, the more signs of wear the clock is showing already, the more protection it needs, which may affect the shipping cost.


First off, all of the removable parts should be packed separately from the clock itself, using bubble wrap and transport clips. Apart from the disassembling step, grandfather clock shipping is not that different from shipping other types of antique furniture. A grandfather clock would normally be packed using thick moving blankets, cardboard, and soft cushioning materials. Lastly, it is secured with straps to stop it from moving around the truck. After all precautions are taken and all risks are accounted for, a grandfather clock is ready to be shipped to its destination.

It might seem that dealing with shipping something as massive and fragile as a grandfather clock is a lot to handle on your own. The good news is that you can always call Fine Art Shippers. Our team is here to help and support you on your journey anytime.